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Nikon D5000 Review


I absolutely love this camera! Love, Love, Love…


I got it for a trip to California (San Diego) and it takes fantastic pictures.  I was trying to make the decision between this one (Nikon D5000) and a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. I chose the Nikon mainly for price and extras it had to offer (the camera bag and extra lens…a 55-200….i.e. bigger zoom).


I am by NO means a professional…shoot I wouldn’t even consider myself an amateur. But with this camera I can fake it.The Nikon D5000 is super easy to use (even for me a technology challenged person).


There are not many things I do not like about it. But…sometimes the focus is off (with a few adjustments to where I was standing helped) and I found my photos at night were not the best…compared to those taken during the day. All of these are probably fixable by adjusting the apture or setting on the camera.


I would highly recommend this to anyone interested. 

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