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Otter Box Defender Series Phone Case


My sister-in-law recently turned my on to these Otter Boxes for your phone. I had a pretty standard phone case that I was happy with but thought I would at least look into these.


See I am not the most graceful of people. I tend to drop things many, many times. So when I heard that they are pretty darn durable it caught my attention.


Otter box has cases that will fit pretty much any phone from a Samsung to a Black Berry to an iPhone. So anyone can get one. And they come in a huge variety of cool colors.


I really like the built in screen protector, it helps prevent scrapes, scuffs, chips and face grease. I was really impressed by the fact that with the screen protector it still retained the touch screen sensitivity.


I really, really like this phone case. It is durable and came with a rotating belt holster.


The two layer case has a hard plastic shell that snugly fits around the phone. You then wrap it with the silicone cover with helps, me at least, hold on to my phone better.


At $50 it is a highly recommended buy.

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