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Samsung 75" Class Q7F QLED 4K TV


   The Samsung 75" Class Q7F QLED 4k TV at a recent Christmas display, caught my eye with its seemingly exceptional color, clarity, and sleek design.  I had to try this TV at home, but before I purchased it, I took time to read some of its reviews.  Many consumers validated my initial thoughts on the television in their writings; the color was exceptional and the picture was unquestionably clear.  Confident in the product, I bought it and set it up in my living room.  Beyond the extraordinary color, I noticed that the light glare did not exist as it did on my previous TV.  That was a very happy surprise! The thin frame also seems to disappear during showtimes, allowing my eyes to enjoy the large picture without the distraction of a black box around it.  My viewing wasn't only improved by color, but also by glare!  

   The set up was easy and simple to do.  It also works well with the apps and streaming devices. Some apps were already preloaded, which saved time.  It is light for its size, which is quite large. The remote is simple and streamlined, so the learning curve of a new remote was non-existent.


Update: 6 Month Update- I originally purchased the Samsung TV back in November of 2018.  I am elated with my decision on this TV.  The picture color has continued to be vibrant and outstanding.  We haven't had any issues with it, it has continued to perform perfectly and reliably!

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