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Wii Go Vacation Review


This is a fun family game. You can play as one of your Mii’s or use an avatar they created. The point to this game it to complete in over 50 activities/mini games and collect stamps in order to unlock more mini games or items for your own home you can create. Some of the games include sky diving, surfing, mini-golf and fishing.


My kids really enjoyed the free play.  This allows you to just walk around the  Kawawii island and explore the different areas (such as snow, sun, city, beach and mountains). You can travel the island via many modes of transportation (horses, jet ski, cars or many more).


Up to 4 players can play. You do need nun-chucks for some of the games; which can be a pain…the constant taking them off and on.  Some of the mini games are a bit harder for little ones (5 years old and under).


Not to bad price wise… I was able to pick it up for under $30.


Many hours of entertainment were had by all.

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Wii Go Vacation Review

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