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Brio Tuscan Grille Review


Recently the family and I set out for a night out on the town (aka a not so quick, headache inducing dinner). We heard about this restaurant from a reliable family friend, and were excited to try it out. I was a bit…pessimistic only because my kids can’t seem to sit for longer than 5 minutes (just enough time to order).


Immediately upon being seated the hostess gave my spawn their menu and crayons, I thought to my self….‘wouldn’t that be nice if that would entertain my kids’. I got my large glass of wine in anticipation of the night. Then our waitress came over and after a long deliberation we ordered.


There were so many amazing things to choose from, it was extremely hard to narrow it down. I went with the Pasta a la Vodka and added some chicken, a side Caesar salad. Hubs had their wedge salad and the Pasta Brio. Kids got the Mac and Cheese (which isn’t a surprise if you know my daughter…she would live on that stuff if she could) and Chicken Parmesan. We all shared the Brio Bruschetta Quattro.


After we placed our order they brought out bread, which bought us a few more minutes before any meltdowns. Then our salads came out. The Caesar salad was good (my son stole more than half of it), but next time I am defiantly going to get the wedge salad…. incredible! Fantastic flavor. While we were munching on our salads…. and I could see the whining beginning, our waitress brought over some pizza dough for the kids to mold and play with. I know a few other places that sometimes do this and it buys us ALOT of time. Once my kiddos were done the manager took the kids and dough back added a little sauce and some cheese and baked it for them. They got the biggest kick out of seeing their little creations all cooked up gobbled them right up. This was a HUGE life/ dinner saver. They now beg to go there.


While their creations were baking they brought out our food, which was all to die for. The Pasta Vodka was absolutely delicious; great textures and flavors. I only got one bite of my husband’s dinner so I can’t really say how it was…but if I was only able to get one bite it was incredibly good.  The kids’ food was also fantastic. Fresh flavors no powder mac and cheese here. The chicken parmesan was moist yet crispy.  Yummy. The quarto bruschetta was heaven. I do NOT like red peppers…or at least I thought I didn’t. One of their bruschettas’ (I believe it is called the Roasted Red Pepper one) was life changing. I crave it in the middle of the night. The flavor combinations are pure perfection. Sweet, salty, cheesy, spicy…. everything was spot on.


Not only do I highly recommend this place, but I am leaving now to go grab some more.

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Brio Tuscan Grille Review

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