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Robert Kline

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Review


I believe I may just have found the stainless cleaner I have been looking for. Although it does not completely remove fingerprints (as the label suggests), it does clean and polish my stainless. It may be because I know where they were that I can still see them. I have had people over and asked if they saw any prints and they said no.


I really like the aerosol, it is super easy to apply. I have tried the wipes and trigger spray. I really dislike the wipes they are really greasy. The trigger sprayer is nice but blotches up the cleaner into one spot. It doesn’t spray it evenly over the surface like the aerosol.


Spray on and with a clean, dry towel buff off. I did in a few areas that were messier have to really put in some elbow grease to get the prints or spots off. But nonetheless I am happy with this product.

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