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Essenza Wax Warmer Review


There has been all this hype about wax warmers lately. I have seen them all over in stores and my friends are throwing parties all the time. But they seem to be pretty pricey. Just the warmer alone can be $30-$40 then you have the added sent bars/wax (about $16 for three bars).  


On a recent trip to Costco I stumbled upon this cute little gift box. At only $40 for the warmer and 4 sent bars (vanilla, lily verbena, bamboo and white tea, and Papaya Mango) I thought I would cave and give the whole thing a try.


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Plug in the warmer, break a few blocks of wax of the bar and plop into the top dish, let it melt and you home fills with what ever lovely aroma you choose. My favorite has to be the Papaya Mango. It smells very island-y.


There is a few down sides… one being you have to plug it in, some of the areas I would like to have placed it do not have a plug near by. Two, has to be the fact that you have to clean out the wax when done. I am used to good old candles. When they are done you just toss them. With this you have to let the wax melt a bit and dump the rest out into the trash and wipe away and residue with a paper towel. It is a bit of a pain.


Because of the down sides, I can’t say I would recommend it or purchase it again. The fragrances are wonderful…I think I will stick to my candles thought. 

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