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Our Own Candle Company Candle Review


Every season has its own fragrances and this candle brought be right into the Fall season.  There are three scents layered in one candle: Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Buns, and French Vanilla.  They are so fragrant.  It fills our home with seasonal warmth.  It creates an inviting atmosphere that we love to be around.  We actually made cookies that day we lit it.  Everything we smelt in the air reminded us of holiday traditions and the coming months which will be filled with family and celebrations. 

I have purchased this brand of candle before and every time I have been pleased with their performances.  The label on the candle advertises a 100 hour burn life.   All my candles have lasted about this much time.  I let it burn all day, which ends up to be about eight hours.  This only gives the candle a week and a half of scent.  This is a little short.  I wish that it would burn longer because the fragrance is delightful and very enjoyable.  I have a relative, who is a candle hobbyist, who loves these candles.  Although it does not have the longest burn rate, it definitely smells good.  In her opinion, she says they are wonderful smelling and they do a good job of filling a large space with the fragrance. 

I learned that it is important to trim the wick with this brand.  It can be very smokey, especially when blowing it out, if the wick is long.  It will keep smoking and smoking as it cools down.  I have sometimes been afraid that the smoke would set off the fire alarms but it has not as of yet. 

One of my favorite qualities of this candle is that it is made in the U.S.A.  Products made on homeland are harder to find in recent days.

I also like that the glass jar looks as if I made it.  It implies that I took a mason jar and repurposed it into a homemade candle.  Of course that is not true.  But with the glass, the metal cap and especially the handle, the mason jar look gives it a homey feel, and that makes it easy to put in any home.

I buy these throughout the year, but the seasonal ones are my favorite.  They are at a low cost and they give good smells.


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