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Jamie Kallands

Grayline Deep Storage Basket Review


In an attempt to get my life organized I started small....organize my chest freezer. Chest freezers are great to keep all the things in. Only down side to the chest freezer is that all the food just gets dumped in. There is no organization to it. I never know what is in there and end up over buying food. So off to Amazon to find something. 

I ended up going with this "DEEP" storage basket. Deep is an exaggeration. At only 8x16x9 I barely fit in a few packages of chicken. This basket is also very narrow. Luckily it was just wide enough i could lay the chicken packages flat to fit a bit more in. 

I do like that it is made with a coated metal so I feel like it could stand the test of time in my freezer, as apposed to my previous recycled cardboard boxes. 

To wrap this up, if you are going to use this in say a pantry this could work very well. For use in a freezer, stick with the carbard box...much cheaper. 

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