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Daily Bread Food Storage Review


I have never really thought about being prepared for something that has yet to happen or worrying about disasters. But that all changed once I had kids.


With everything that has been happening in the world, the recent disasters and unsettled economic times. In the blink of an eye things can change.  It is becoming easy to see the importance of being prepared.


When a close family friend told us about daily bread food storage, I was still unsure if I wanted to fork out the money. I mean I could just purchase a few extra cans of food or cereal at the store right?  After researching the company and comparing with other food storage companies, I was ready to make the purchase.


Stuff at the grocery store has a short shelf life compared to Daily Bread food storage. Their products last 25+ years.


The huge reason I choose to go with Daily Bread Food Storage is because their food is freeze dried, not dehydrated. It is all natural…no added preservatives. And it can be reconstituted with cold or room temperature water. Which in a time of need who you may not be able to heat water.


When we finally made the purchase we decided to go with the 3 month (3 entrees/day) package. We also got their Emergency Plus kit.


When the food came in I was surprised by how much there was and yet how light the boxes were. We were able to conveniently store the 3 month supply in a closet.


We hung the Emergency Plus kit in another closet with easy access. This backpack comes completely stocked. Everything from water to water purification, to first aid kits, to masks and much much more.


I feel completely prepared and ready to take on anything the world has to toss at us.

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