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Skinfun Cleansing Brush Review

Recently I purchased this Skinfun Cleansing brush system from Amazon and was looking forward to trying it. Power facial brushes seem to be all the rage now. After having it for about a month, I have to say it is only OK.

There is only one speed and it doesn't lather as well as using your hands or a simple washcloth. The brushes seemed to be a little to soft for me too. I felt I had to press harder to get any feeling of exfoliation. The required 4 AA batteries also need to be replaced almost weekly to keep the speed up. Another big draw back for me was that it did not get all my makeup off. I would have to go back and take off my eye makeup separately. I like to get it all done in one shot. 

It states that it is waterproof; I took it in the shower with me to try the body brush and after 2 uses the water started to leak into the battery compartment. Major fail. 

I gave this 5.5 only because of the price. At about $40 it is a cheap alternative to the other pricey facial brushes. 

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