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Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco Conditioner Review


I bought this conditioner with the shampoo.  I used them together and, unfortunately, I have the same opinion about the conditioner as I do the shampoo.

I originally learned about Bumble and Bumble through my hair dresser, but seeing how it was $25 a bottle from her I was not willing to spend so much on it.  I saw it later at my local retail store for much less and I was very excited. I decided to splurge and try it.

After rinsing the shampoo, I applied the conditioner by combing it through my hair.  I didn’t have to use a lot of it to moisturize my hair thoroughly.  I was pleased with that since the shampoo required too much for a good lather.  I allowed it to set in for a few minutes and then I rinsed.  When I was finished I wasn’t very happy with the way my hair felt.  It seemed like the conditioner was rinsed off but didn’t have any affect on my hair.  It simply washed away without leaving any nourishment.

The smell was almost non-existent.  I could barely smell it and it didn’t last hardly at all after drying… maybe a few minutes but that was it.  The smell was also seemed fake and chemically made up.  I thought it would have had been more natural.

I suspect, based on my experience at the salon, that the home version is different from the salon. Maybe they changed to product to fit a different price range?  I didn’t have the same outcome from the salon, which is where I first loved this product. 

The conditioner cost about $20 and it is much more expensive than my other conditioners.  The quality falls below its less expensive competitors so I’m not able to justify spending this amount of money for it again.  I’m glad I bought the smallest bottle because I didn’t waste as much money as I could have.

Summary: I don’t recommend this conditioner.  It is expensive.  It didn’t perform to my expectations.  With the unnatural smell, I saw few benefits.

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