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Bumble and Bumble Creme De Coco Shampoo Review


My hairdresser used this shampoo when I went in for a hair cut.  I loved it when I left.  The smell was refreshing and my hair felt silky smooth, which lasted all day.  I did not purchase this product from her as the price seemed very high for what I would have liked to spend, but I looked forward to that feeling every time I went for a hair cut.

The following year I saw this salon brand at my local retail store.  I was very excited because the price was quite a bit lower than the salon, although it was still higher than I usually pay.  I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner.  That night I used it for the first time and was very disappointed in the results.  It had the same refreshing smell (it has a hint of coconut), but my hair did not feel the same way.  When leaving the salon I remember it feeling soft and smooth, but my home version felt stringy even though I went through the same styling routine. 

I also didn’t like the amount of shampoo I had to use in order to establish a good lather.  I have thick hair so I am okay with using more shampoo but I was annoyed that I had to use three handfuls to get what I needed.  Three handfuls to me are way too much.  I think a shampoo in this price bracket should be more concentrated or come in a bigger bottle.  The smell also doesn’t last long.  It seems to disappear within a few minutes of being dry.  The company claims it will give shine, smoothness and no frizz, but I didn’t see a dramatic improvement from what I was already using. On a good note, with all these negatives, my hair felt clean and refreshed.

Unfortunately, at the rate I use this shampoo, I will need to buy a new bottle every couple of weeks.  $20 every two weeks is way more than I am willing to spend on a product that makes me hair feel like straw.

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