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doTerra On Guard Cleaner Concentrate Review

A few years back I was introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils. I love finding new oils and ways to use them. Part of my New Years resolution this past year was to try to use more natural products. I was so excited when I found doTerra oils. They are priced great and work wonderful. 

About a year or so ago doTerra released their On Guard cleaner concentrate. On Guard is one of my favorite oils of thiers. It helps with you feel better when you are sick and smells great! I was pretty excited when I saw this cleaner and immediatly put it on my next order. Once I got it I put it into a GLASS (because of the oils in the blend you dont want to use plastic as it could erode the plastic) spray bottle and diluted according to the directions. I loved the way my house smelled after using it to clean my counters and floors. I also love knowing I was cleaning my home more naturally, no harsh chemicals. 

I have not added it any of my recent orders because for the price I can get a cheaper store bought natural cleaner and just add a few drops of the oil blend itself. It runs about $20 a bottle, but it is a concentrate so you dilute it according to the package. I got 5 large spray bottles out of it.


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