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Revlon Large Barrel Ceramic Curling Iron Review



It is rare for me to return cheap items to the store because it hardly seems worth my time, but this curling iron needed to go back.  It was my way of telling the store that it was a horrible product.  Although it was only $18, I figured that a curling iron is a curling iron and it'll do the job.  That is completely wrong and I will now buy good quality hair products to get the look I want.  

The curling iron had a heat maximum of 390 degrees but I don't think it even came close.  It never got super hot.  I pretreated my hair as usual; applying gel when it was wet, blew dry until thoroughly dry, and then applied the curling iron.  I had trouble with it from the start.  I separated a piece of hair and wrapped the hair around it and then let it heat through, which took longer than usual.  I carefully released the curl and allowed it to cool so it could set in, but the curl fell out of my hair before moving on to the next piece.  I then attempted again by wrapping a smaller section of hair hoping that applying less hair would allow more heath and create a better curl.  Then I immediately applied hairspray after.  This did not work either.  I wasn’t sure what else to do to make this curling iron work.  After all, it was a good deal and beats the $50-$100 iron from the professional salons.  My hair is usually easy to style, so for this curling iron to do a horrible job, I believe it’s because it is poorly made with cheap materials. I couldn’t change that and I knew that this had to be returned.

The iron was easy to hold, but it also felt too light for it to be a good quality product. 

Do not buy this ceramic curling iron.  It doesn't work. I went to a professional salon and bought a middle of the line priced iron and it works so much better, and my curl lasts all day with that one; which is well worth the price.  Completely opposite to this curling iron!

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