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LG Counter Depth French Door Fridge Review



This has to be my most favorite fridge I have ever owned. I absolutely love this thing. It is on the pricey side but well worth it. 

It is 22.7 cu. ft counter depth black stainless fridge. I am in love with the fingerprint resistant black stainless. It doesn't show smudges, finger/hand prints or sometimes foot prints (#kids). I can wipe the fridge clean easily with a microfiber cloth. You do not need special stainless cleaner.This fridge just looks sharp. 

The French doors make it helpful when I just need the milk or butter or secret chocolate stash. I don't have to open the whole fridge. Each side can open by itself, you do not need to open one side to get to the other.

A huge bonus is the "snack drawer" as it is known in our house. This can be used for snacks, lunch meat, cheese or anything. I do wish that you could take out the dividers if you had something large. They are very easily adjusted though. 

The only reason I did not give it a full 10 out of 10 is the drawers do not stay open when pulled out. They close right away. So get what you need quickly.

The water and ice is a nice feature too. The filters (both a water filter and air filter) are easily replaceable. 


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