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Mellisa Magros

Black & Decker Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


What a great machine.


I love it because of the ease of use. I only have to open a little door on the bottom of the water dispenser, shift my 5-gallon water jug over and place the nozzle on top of the jug and close the door. Easy as can be. There is no way I could ever lift one of the 5-gallon jugs.


I also really like that the hot water is not way to hot. It is great for a quick cup of tea, instant coffee or bowl of oatmeal.


There are only a few things I do not like, there is no gauge to see when the water jugs are out. It would be nice to know when I am getting low on the water. Also, when you are out of water the machine will constantly try to retrieve more from the dry jug. So the dispenser is constantly running until you unplug it…. not turn it off like you think would fix it, but un-plug it.


It is hard to say if I would recommend this. It is on the pricier side at around $170. But the bottom loading is a huge plus.

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