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Chealsy Edwards

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron 3qt Casserole Review



The Lodge color enameled cast iron 3.6qt casserole is one of my favorite pots/pans to use. Don't get me started on the color. I love the Caribbean blue. It is also available in red on Amazon but have seen it in a mustard yellow and white at other stores. 

I love that it can go from fridge to stove top to oven with ease. I don't have to worry about it cracking, shattering or breaking. The double layer of porcelain enamel make clean up a breeze and save me from needing to season a raw cast iron pan. I get all the benefits of the cast iron (even temperature cooking) with out the painful cleanup and maintenance. 

Even though it says dishwasher safe, hand washing is highly recommend to maintain the longevity of the pan. 

My cons for this are that the knob on the lid and handles get to be extremely hot when cooking. I found that out the hard way. Use hand protection with moving it. It is fairly heavy too, weighing in at around 13 lbs. 

For the price, around $70, I highly recommend this. 


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