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Concord Potato Chipper Review


I can’t even give a long enough review about this product because it broke before I could even analyze it.  This was such a bad product!  Do not buy.  Pass it up if you see it.  It is not worth the price or the time you will have to take to return it, just to get your money back.  I don’t know who designed this product, but it needs a serious recheck!

We bought this thinking it would save a bunch of time on making our potato fries and potato hashbrowns that we love.  One is for lunch, and the other is for breakfast and we make them at least once a week.  This tool would have been perfect for us if it had lasted long to really try it out.

We prepared our potatoes by washing and cutting them into slices.  We put one slice at a time into the machine and it cubed it for us.  Unfortunately, on the third slice, the grates busted out of the frame.  We could not put it back because the way that the unit is designed kept us from doing it securely.

The unit is a little deceiving because it is made of metal.  We thought, as many other I am sure, that a metal appliance would be strong and be able to withstand some beating.  But that is not the case with this product.  It is very fragile and un-repairable.

We paid under $30 for this product.  Other tools like it could cost over $130 but if you want one that works, don’t pay the $30.  You’ll end up returning it.  You’re better off paying the $130 even though that may seem expensive. 

I recommend saving money for a high quality product, especially for a specialty tool like this.  If you are someone like us, who cooks their favorite potato dishes a lot, there is no reason to buy a non-lasting one because it will cost more in the end.

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