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Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Review


I have always enjoyed finding ways to stay healthy.  I had heard many people who make their own baby food talk about the health benefits of buying organic produce and using an appliance similar to this to steam and blend it.  I saw this in a store I happened to be shopping at and, as my infant approached solid food stage, I became eager to try it.

The product cost around $100.  I liked the modern appeal the box had and sleek design of the appliance.  On neighboring shelves, I noticed the optional tools you could purchase with it.  There were scrubbers, food container kits, transportation jars, a cutting mat, and spatula.  I thought the most useful would be the scrubbers, cutting mat and spatula.  The cutting mat is special because it is designed with a round cut out at the end so you can place it on top of the canister and easily push your food into it.  I bought these and the total came out to about $130.

My infant became old enough to begin solid foods so I whipped out the cutting board, the appliance, the instructions, and some green beans.  The booklet had detailed instructions on how to assemble the unit as well as food recommendations for certain ages.  Both these were extremely helpful.  For one, there is a certain order you must follow when assembling.  First, you place the canister on the unit and then twist into place.  Next, place the blade on and push down.  Then, after putting the food into the canister, put the lid on and then twist that also.  Be sure the lid locks into place because the unit will not blend unless the lid is twisted all the way over.  It took a little practice, but it is simple once learned.  After following these steps I selected the steam and blend option.  I selected steam for 10 minutes and then waited.  It seemed to steam well.  The unit held in the moisture and the beans were done in the selected time.  After the steam time is up the machine gives a pl

easant beep indicating it is ready for blending.  Unfortunately, the appliance did not blend as it was supposed to.  I tried the blend button but it did not blend and all I heard was a click.  After reassembling and rereading the instructions, and 45 minutes later, I finally gave up and determined the machine was broken.  I returned it to the store and got a new one.  Sure enough, the new one worked as expected. 

The blending capability is so convenient.  No more steaming pots and blenders for those who did this normally.  I wish that the motor were stronger through.  Some of the foods I have blended are done well enough, but I would like to see it come to a smoother consistency.  This is not to say that it leaves food chunky, because it does a good job of pureeing; I only wish it would do it better.

The appliance is equipped with suction feet on the bottom to prevent the machine from moving as it blends.  I found this to be very beneficial.

The spatula is great for getting food out of the corners of the canister. I used that regularly and save a lot of food that way.  On the other hand, the cutting board was a complete waste of money.  I do not use it because it is much easier to use a bendable board, which only takes one hand to poor the food into the canister.  Their board requires two hands: one for holding it up and the other for pushing the food in.  The scrubbers are nice to have, but not a necessity.

Overall, it is a nice product that I would buy again if I had to.  Although, I do think there is room for improvement.


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