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Bosch Complete Blender for Universal Plus Review


The idea we had when purchasing the Bosch was to replace all of our small appliances with one, good quality, machine.  We were ready to clean up the kitchen and have an organized cabinet!  We got rid of a ton of unneeded kitchen stuff (like a juicer and blender) that was replaced with the Bosch variety.  We have been extremely happy with the mixing and juicing capabilities, but the blender does not come with the same recommendation. 

The blender attaches to a different plane than the mixer and juicer.  The Bosch has an elevated shaft where the blender attaches.  I’m not sure why, but this is where it goes.  A way cool safety feature is that you can’t have two attachments on the base at the same time.  In fact, to use the bowl or juicer, the top shaft has to have the lid on it.  Smart machine!  I tested this and it was true!  I left the lid off the elevated shaft and the juicer wouldn’t work. 

Anyway, the blender does a decent job, but not near the ability of the Vitamix.  The Bosch blender wasn’t able to blend leafy green vegetables to a creamy state, the juice always had a lumpy texture to it.  Displeased with the outcome, I ended up buying a Vitamix 100% of the time and haven’t used the Bosch blender since.

Even though it doesn’t blend leafy vegetables well, we were able to blend fruit smoothies well and also make humus from it.

The attachment is made of plastic and it seems like a thin plastic.  I’m not a huge fan of that!  I like glass blenders because they don’t become stained as easily.  But if it is going to be made of plastic I much prefer it to be a thicker, more heavy duty version.  This blender is thin and light.  Seems a little cheap if you ask me.

Overall, I don’t recommend this blender.  It was cool to get rid of my other one and have more room in my cabinet, but I ended up buying a Vitamix anyway so it really didn’t help me in the end.  The cheap plastic also got stained almost right away.  Yuck!

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