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Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor Review


Food processors have always made life easier; especially for entertaining and also for slicing, chopping, and dicing quickly for a last minute dinner. 

I was very excited to give this a try when I saw it available at a local market.  I picked one up as I was looking for an easy way to shred Parmesan cheese.  We were making pizzas that night so this was going to save me a bunch of time as compared to hand shredding it with a hand-held shredder. 

The attachment was well packed.  The disks came very sharp.  The processer took a little understanding from the manual on how to use it.  It has to be assembled in a certain order for it to work.  This is because of the safties that Bosch has designed into it.  It took me about ten minutes to go through the instructions and assemble it the right way.  The good thing is that it is easy to remember once you do it correctly so really you only have to learn how to one time and that is it. 

Shredding Parmesan was a snap the first couple of minutes.  Unfortunately, it broke before we were able to finish.  I know this is a tough cheese to shred, but honestly!  This is a Bosch!  I thought it would have done better than that!  The shaft that goes through the middle and turns the discs chipped and snapped.  I was sorely disappointed.  Not only was I in a hurry, but also now I had to shred Parmesan by hand!  That was not a task I was excited about.  

Since replacing it, I have used it for many purposes besides the Parmesan cheese. I have pulsed bread-crumbs which turned out great for croutons.  I also pulsed buttered flour for pie dough.  The pieced were evenly chopped.  I have done easy vegetables like cucumbers and carrots for carrot cake.  All this was done with ease with this attachment.

Cleaning was a pain, but not more painful that a normal food processor.  You have to take it apart and each disk, shaft, and bowl had to be cleaned.

Not an impressive attachment by Bosch. Like it, but don’t love it.  Nice to have around, but not an absolute must have.

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