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Food Network 12 Cup Food Processor Review



We bought this food processor just before Christmas from Kohl’s on sale.  It was a good deal and we were excited to use the same processor as we see on our favorite food network shows.  It is very heavy which makes me think that it comes with a strong, durable, heavy-duty motor.  After using it, I believe this is true.  The design looks nice but the unit is quite tall so I am not able to store it on the countertop because it doesn’t fit beneath the upper cabinets.

It isn’t overly loud like other food processors we’ve had in the past.

It took a little practice putting it together because the discs are stored in a drawer under the unit, which I didn’t know at first.  Then you have to assemble the unit in a certain order because of the way the processor is designed to work.

We enjoyed the appliance for a little bit and used it a handful of times before it broke. Previous to the breaking, we shredded cheese, vegetables, fruit, and pulsed grains for flour and bread for frying batter.  It generally performed well until we tried to shred Parmesan. The food processor broke on the center pole where the shredding discs are supported.  Looking at it, the design seemed fairly strong, but pushing the hard cheese down for shredding must have been too much weight.  I think if we had cut smaller pieces of the Parmesan, then put it through the shredder the pole may not have broken. 

The store had a good return policy so we could exchange it for a new one.  They easily took the processor back and allowed me to get a new one.  With this type of appliance and how heavy duty it needs to be to perform difficult tasks like this, I would upgrade to a better one even though it would cost more.  This small appliance does a good job with the easy foods, but I would prefer a machine to do well with even the most difficult ones, especially after spending over $150 on it.

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