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Jack Lalannes Ultimate Power Juicer Review


We bought this juicer from Costco for about $200 a couple of months ago to replace our previous Jack Lalanne juicer (which lasted almost 5 years)!  We were happy with our previous one and we are still pleased with it today.  It juices well, giving a good amount of juice with each unit, but we noticed that it only does a mediocre job with herbs like parsley and cilantro.  I think that a more powerful juicer would be able to extract even more from the drier foods. However, it does good enough that I am not discouraged from continually juicing herbs.  

I like the size of the fiber bin because it holds a lot and doesn’t need to be emptied while juicing. 

The juicer also comes with a recipe book that I highly recommend using.  We use the recipes often and they are delicious.  We like juicing vegetables everyday and it offers several very good recipes for vegetable juicing.  It is a good starting point for beginner juicers.

Among these good points; however, I do not like how food on this model tends to collect at the top of the bin that holds the leftover foods.  It makes it messy when taking it apart.  I have also found food particles fly out and stick to the surrounding countertop and cabinets.

Cleaning the juicer, similar to the previous model, is tedious.  Rinsing immediately after use is the best idea.  Leaving it out for a long period of time will cause the vegetable fiber and juice to coagulate and stick the components, making it even more difficult to clean.   The metal mesh inside the unit gets clogged with small food particles; which then takes a little time in getting out.  The cleaning is not too bad but I wish it were faster and easier.  

I also think I would like it better if it came with a good-sized pitcher to catch the juice.  The company doesn’t provide one so I use whatever I have.

Overall I like the juicer and use it daily. I think spending $200 on a small appliance is a little high, but the health benefits greatly outweigh the price.

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