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Juiceman All-in-One Automatic Juice Extractor


I recently wanted to join the juicing bandwagon, and on a recent trip to Target picked up this Juiceman 1.1-HP 2-speed all-in-one juice extractor and citrus juicer. With 800 watts of power, plus high/low speed control I thought for sure this will get the job done…and it has…. somewhat.

With the fine stainless steel mesh filter, you can juice even tough produce with ease, although you do have to cut off the rinds of some fruits (such as pineapple) before juicing.

I was not impressed with the amount of juice it put out. To me it seemed to be very little. It took a whole bag of apples to get about one cup of juice. It also seemed that the pulp in the container was still pretty moist and I should have been able to get more juice out of it.

I really like the idea of the citrus juicer attachment. It features 2 juicing cones to fit all varieties of citrus fruit, and with a lemon tree in full bloom out back I’m sure this will get a workout this summer.

Another thing I was not impressed with was what the box called “An extra-large integrated pulp container”. After a few (about 3-4) apples the pulp container was full.  

I do like the fact that most of the parts are dishwasher safe.

For the price and how much I use it (not very often), I would have to think twice about recommending it for the juicing capabilities. Now for the citrus part…I probably would not. It is just a bit to much money for a simple citrus extractor.


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