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NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Series 8-piece Set


   NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Series 8-piece garage cabinet set has been the perfect space saving solution. I bought it through Costco and because it is the pro series, it arrived completely assembled.  I had debated if I wanted to assemble it myself by after seeing all the cabinets and their different parts I couldn't have been more happy that I paid more for the pro series.  Be aware that there are many pieces to this large cabinet so putting it together yourself will require more than a day of your time.

  The cabinets of the pro series also have the option of using the adjustable feet, or they can be hung.  Hanging the cabinets was relatively simple to figure out how to do it (I drew level lines on the wall according to the studs were, then measured for holes).  The most difficult part of the process was figuring out where the holes should be that would match up with studs and the cabinets.  But also, that they tend to be heavy when putting on the wall.  I found it very helpful to have a friend there to help.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is impossible to do by yourself, but having a helping hand made the process so much easier.

   Once hung, the cabinets looked professional, clean, and sturdy.  Fingerprints from handling the cabinets came off easily with a rag and water.  These cabinets hold a ton of tools!  The larger end ones have adjustable shelves which has allowed me to store a box fan, several wood saws and a few other smaller, miscellaneous items.  They came equippped with a bar for hanging clothes but I didn't need that so I removed mine.  I can see; however, that any hunting gear could easily be hung here and kept safe from dust, bugs, and anything else that would ruin the clothing.

  The center drawer unit has plenty of space, with varying sized drawers that gave me many options when finding the perfect place for hammers, screws, extension cords, tool boxes, clamps, etc.  All the hard to store little items went perfectly in there with the given metal seperation dividers that can be placed in any of the drawer divets, making the storage cabinet customizable.

  One last note, the bamboo table top came in damaged and the company was completely willing to replace the top at no cost to me, and they shipped it to my house quickly.  They were very easy to work with and solidified my satisfaction with the NewAge Pro series cabinets.


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