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Proslat 8 foot Panel Set and 20 Piece Hook Kit


  Proslat 8 foot panel set and 20 piece hook kit from Costco was the best companion to my recent review of the pro series cabinet set.  I was looking for space saving solutions for hard to store items like, broom, kids toys, sports equipment, etc.  From the pictures online, it looked like it was going to provide all the needs that I had for my garage.

   The setup process was similar to the hanging garage cabinets.  I found studs, made leveling marks, and hung. The first couple of hours had a learning curve to it, but in no time, I got the hang of it and the slat wall was hung.  One of the best features of this particular kit was the different metal hanging hooks and bars.  I feel like Proslate provided enough of each hanger to give me a variety of options for the different items I was hanging.  I was even able to hang a ladder using two different of the hooks.  As much as we had a good amount of hooks, I did need a couple more of certain ones to hang some scooters, and baskets to hold knee pads, so I was able to order them individually online.

   After finishing the project, my garage has never been more organized, or more easily accessible.  Cleaning is a breeze as everything has a place.  It looks really clean and many neighbors and people passing by have commented or asked me about it. It has been able to hold light and heavy items and I haven't had any issues with cracking or breaking.  It is very sturdy and I am so pleased with its performance.


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