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Kaplan Rolling Organizer and Saddle Bag Review


I was in desperate need to organize all my school studies in one spot, which could be easily transported around the house, and also easily stored in a corner somewhere.  I found it really difficult to find something that would work.  Everything seemed too small, didn’t have enough organized pockets, didn’t roll, or was very unappeal to the eye.

I found this on Amazon. I was excited for it and of course I got free shipping.  It came in a speedily fashion and was well packed and protected. 

I pulled it out of the box and was immediately impressed with its size.  I was a little worried that it would be difficult to store away without it being an eyesore, but I was so excited about how much I could fit into it!  I originally ordered two of these babies, but I only needed one!  That’s how much it holds!  A ton!  On top of the dimensional capacity, the saddle bag adds so many pockets for different tools, pencils, paper, supplies, and other things that I felt like I could store just as much on the outside as on the inside.  Each side of the crate has pockets both on the outside and inside, making storage plentiful.

It was easy to set up.  I barely needed the instructions it came with.  The only assembly required was that the saddle-bag came separate from the crate.  It was easy to put on so no big deal there.

It is easy to steer and the telescopic handle is sturdy and durable.  It snaps into place as it is extended and I am able to roll it to wherever I need it without any trouble.  The wheels are a nice size and roll smoothly on the floor.

I paid $56.99 for this organizer.  I think it was well worth it.  I was able to empty an entire bookcase and put those items into this well sized crate without any trouble (granted the bookcase was kind of small).  I even have a little extra room left in the crate for anything new I might get.  I know I keep saying how roomy and big this is but I also want to mention that it is easy to store.  I have it tucked behind club chair and you can’t even see it when you come into the room.  So, even though it is larger than most organization bags, it is small enough to hide away.

This is a great buy if you have a lot of office items you want to store but also move around when needed.

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