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Mainstays Shoe Rack Review

I had my shoes all thrown into a woven bin at the bottom of my closet.  I couldn’t find pairs easily and my nicer dress shoes became scuffed from the others sitting on top of them.  It was time for me to find a better, more functional way to store my shoes. 

I saw this rack at Wal-Mart and liked its sleek design, but I was mostly impressed that it had four tiers!  That was awesome that it would hold so many pairs of shoes.  I would have liked to hire a professional closet company to come and design my closet, but that expense was out of the question.  At a cheap $17, I bought this and walked out of the store thinking I just got the deal of the century.

Assembling it was a cinch.  Putting it up in my closet was easy and fast.  It fit perfectly and added an organizational touch.  I was so excited!  I began to place my shoes on various shelves and noticed that the shoes would easily fall off.  Any wiggle or movement of the rack and all the shoes would slide off.  How annoying!  This went on until I put them on ever so gently so as not to bump the rack. Who wants to be this nice to a shoe rack?!  I want to be able to pull my shoes off and throw them back on there when I’m done!  None of this gentle, slow business!  But, unless I return it, that is what I have to do. 

I have had this for about 2 and a half years and I still use it.  It can be troublesome when the shoes fall off, but I’m not bothered enough to buy a different product.  I think that if they lined the metal horizontal bars with rubber that the shoes would be much more stable. 

This unit holds a lot of shoes and I like that it looks good in my closet.  

Overall, a good buy if you are organizing on a budget.

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