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Rubbermaid Pull Down Spice Rack Review



My spice cabinet was a disaster and cooking became difficult because I could not locate the spices I needed in a timely manner.  Everything was jumbled.  Although I tried to neatly arrange the bottles several times, I would always have to move each one to find what I was looking for. So, I went in search for a spice organizer.  I don't have enough drawer space for a drawer systerm (I live in a small house).  I also don't like the cabinet door racks or the lazy susan type that spins.  

This was the perfect solution for me.  I love that it holds over 30 of my spices, which is most of them.  I can clearly see all the labels and the traditional spice bottles fit nicely.  That brings me to one of the negatives for this product.  I would like to see the company make the each row a little wider so that i can fit my larger spice bottles into it as well. Plus, even some of my smaller bottles come from different brands who use different bottle shapes.  Having a larger row would allow me to store more of them together.  The ones that I wasn't able to fit in look nice enough when neatly placed next to it. So, that isn’t ideal but it is much better than what it was before.

I know that you can pull it down when needed but I don't use this feature.  It doesn't seem like the hardware would be able to support that weight over time so I simply leave the rack sitting in the cabinet and grab the spices from there.  I am just too afraid that the screw would be stripped and then I would be left with a larger hold in the cabinet. 

The metal used also seems a little cheap.  It seemed flimsy when I tried to pull it down so that was another reason why I stopped doing that. 

It has lasted well since I've had it for a few years now.  I love that by cleaning up my spices, I was able to organize the rest of the entire cabinet without difficulty.  I give this product the credit since it was all I bought when organizing the shelves.

Love the rack even though I don't use the pull down ability.


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