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Chealsy Edwards

Medea Pump in Style Review

With this you get the portable pump, reusable ice pack, power plug, battery compartment, bottles and accessories. This pump can be run thru a regular outlet or 8 AA batteries, which go fast. I would have to replace my batteries after 2 pumping get to the plug when you can. This is designed to be a double breast pump but can be used as a single. I used it a single and didn't feel like it had a ton of suction. It got the job done but seems to have lost a good amount of suction thru the plug you have to use to close up the second port. 

The pump is not the quietest on the market. Middle of the night pumping sessions wont wake the house but wont lull you to sleep. 

One of the big disappointments I had with this pump was that it is not hands free. You have to hold the pump and/or bottle while pumping. I would definitely try one of those bras that are built to allow for pumps. 

All in all because the parts are easy to find, this is priced right and it gets the job done well, I would recommend this to any pumping mommas out there. 

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