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Chealsy Edwards

Dr. Browns Natural Flow Baby Bottles Review


These were the bottles we decided to go with for our little one. After lots of contemplation and talking with other moms we finally picked these.  I had heard nothing but good things about them.


I have to say I am a little let down. At almost every feeding they are leaking. I go to feed the baby and everything is great. When I take the bottle away to burp and go to put it down about ¼ - ½ an ounce drips down the sides. No good. I want my baby to have that not my hand and table.


The only reason we have continued to use these is, they are expensive (about $14 for a 3 pack of 8 oz bottles) and I don’t want to just toss them; and they seem to help with spit up issues and gas….as in the baby rarely spits up and doesn’t have any gas or digestive issues.


I do wish they would add a 6 oz size to their line up (currently only 2, 4 and 8 oz). 

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