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Blingles Bling Studio Review


This was THE present to get among my daughters friends.


For only $20 I was willing to give into the trend. So, for Christmas this year she got one. Boy was she excited.


I truly thought this had disaster written all over it. Tiny sequins, glue tape…how could that end well?


The time came when she wanted to open this up and give it a try. I braced myself for melt downs and frustration. We opened the box, red the instructions and tried one together. It all seemed easy enough. Pick a pattern, pour the little sequins into a cup (provided), take the (provided) pen like thing and begin to apply the sequins to a clear sticky plastic cover that lays over the pattern. EASY PEASY…so far…. Next we had to transfer it…ok this is when I was sure the melt downs would occur.  Nope, this went just as smooth as the first part. We got our cover sticker and placed it onto our design then followed the direction to finish it off.  I was shocked at how easy it was for her. My only tip would be to make sure you press pretty firmly when transferring to the first top sheet sticker. Also, when removing the back sticky, do it upside down, just like they show in the picture.


I was so happy everything went off without a hitch. I left her to finish. The next thing I knew a few hours had passed and she was still quiet and having a blast creating more designs. 


Most defiantly worth the $20.


I would recommend this for kids 6 years and over.

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