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Lego Millennium Falcon Review


I got this for my son, who is a huge Star Wars fan and even bigger Lego fan, this past Christmas. Once he opened it all other toys were obsolete (Wish I could have predicted that better. Boy would I have saved a bundle.) He wanted to begin building it right away. He decided to let me “help” him build it after he saw how may pieced it was… 1254.  It only took us 2 day, but they were half days. 


I thought it would have been a lot harder to build with all the little details they have, but their instructions they provide are so easy to follow. It turned out to be a bit larger than I thought it would be. Which is good because they usually turn out much smaller. The packaging sugests for ages 9-14; my son is 8 and with my minor assistance he was easily able to build it. 


The only drawback to this product was the price. They want $134 retail…. absolutely crazy! I didn’t pay that much for it thought. I was patient and got it on sale and even had a discount card to the store. It came with a ton of the characters…Luke, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and a few more. I personally wish it would have come with a C3PO or R2D2 but that is just me.  


All in all a great product ,if you don’t pay full price. 

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