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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug n Secure Swing Review


I never wanted a baby swing in the backyard because they were unsightly and in the way.  In a sacrifice for my little one I decided that bright green wouldn’t be so bad, it would blend in the vegetation, and the little guy would love it. 

It isn’t packaged in a box so some of the parts are exposed.  The rope handles are neatly tucked under the cardboard label that wraps all the way around the seat.  It didn’t come with an instruction manual but the picture and brief descriptions are enough to know what to do.

Upon taking it home and removing the tags, I went outside to find a place to put it.  There wasn’t a lot of ceiling room on the patio that would provide enough space so I hung it by a tree with lots of shade.  It was easy to hang, but one pet peeve I have is when companies don’t provide hardware.  This swing did not come with hardware.  I can kind of understand because they don’t know what the consumer would need because every house will need something different.  I just don’t like having to go the hardware store for something so simple. 

Anyway, the swing was hung in a little over an hour.  My little one loves it and he didn’t stop smiling for the first few days he had been in it.  It is soothing and can put a baby to sleep in no time.

I really like the design of the seat belt.  There is a large plastic piece that you bring up between the legs.  Then, there are two straps on each shoulder that attach to that piece.  You can also tighten the two straps over the shoulders to make them longer or shorter.  The set also sits on the rope handles in a way that you can adjust the chair to be level.  Lifting one side of a leaning chair will allow you to level it out so it is completely horizontal.

I know the swing also comes in blue and green.  I’m not sure about other colors that might be available.

I bought it for $24, but I have seen them for lower.  I recall that the lowest sale price I have seen them this season is $18. 

My family loves the swing and I’m glad I bought it.

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