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Old Navy Rockstar Jeans Review


Ok, so I should have known by the name “Super Skinny” that these were not going to be my friend.


I have been trying to be fashionable lately and revamp my wardrobe. With color jeans being huge this year why not start there. Add a bit of color to my dull closet. Being on a budget has made this a little difficult. With the holidays coming up and hopes of losing a few more pounds, I don’t want to spend too much money on clothes for myself.  Off to Old Navy, they have always been great.


Once I walked into the store these orange jeans caught my eye. I fell in love with all the colors, but I wanted to take baby steps. So I snagged up a pair in my size. Went to the check out and then off to home. I really, really hate trying on clothes at stores. I usually have really good luck not having to go back and exchange. This time was not the case.


These jeans run about 2 sizes smaller than what you would be. So lets say you are an 8, you would need to get a 12.  A 12!!!!! Like I said earlier I am trying to lose a few pounds so getting a size that is 2 sizes larger is a huge blow to the ego.


The jeans are comfy and fit ok. The waist area is baggy, but in the thigh and calf area they are snug (as skinny jeans should be).  If they added the elastic adjustable waist tabs in these as they do in most kids jeans these days, these would be a great fit.


If Old Navy (or any jean/pant company) were smart they would mark the jeans 2 sizes smaller. Lets go back to the size 8…if you could get a size 6 you would by more right? I know I would have gone back and gotten a few more colors I had my eye on. But not now, not until I lose those few pounds.


With some of the colors at just under $20 and you can over look the sizing I would call these a good buy.

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