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Polaris Ranger 400 Rear Canvas Panel Review


In a recent review (about the Polaris Ranger) I mentioned that we were having a problem with dust flying up into the cabin of the vehicle when we would cruise down roads. This was becoming a real problem for us. It was making it not fun to go driving around. On a few occasions we would have to go with our eyes practically shut.


Well we went over to our local ATV/power sport shop and told the nice people there what our problem was. The guy kind of chuckled and said that quite a few people that got the same tire package we got have had the same issues. He recommended the rear canvas panel.


We ordered recommended panel (took a bit longer than we would have liked to receive it) and were surprised by how easy it was to install. It just snapped right into the existing snaps. Easy peasy.


Even though it helped with the dust and general road smells (i.e. car exhaust), for the price I was a bit let down. We paid about $100 (plus shipping) for the panel.


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