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Felt Heritage 7 Speed Bike Review


Talk about bringing a rush of enjoyment every time you go riding. The Felt Heritage beach cruiser is all that and then some.


It took about 15 weeks to finally decide on the bike that was right for me. Here is a list of other bikes that I looked at in the order of the ones I liked the most at the top to least at the bottom:


  1. Felt HB Surf City Balsa
  2. Nirve Forty-Nine
  3. Gary Fisher Simple City 3 (I know not a cruiser but it was a contender)
  4. Phat Stealth
  5. Trek Calypso
  6. Schwinn Panther


In looking for a bike the most important thing to think about is what are you going to be using that bike for. So with that, I was looking for a bike that was going to be easy to pull two kids in trailer down city bike paths that don’t have to many hills but there are some. I also wanted a bike that had full fenders front and rear due to me pulling kids (don’t want rocks kicking up on them). The last thing that I wanted was a bike that was going to last and last because I know that the kids are going to want to go on many bike rides as they grow up.


Now that we know why I was looking for the bike that I was looking for lets go over why I picked the Felt Heritage.


As you can see from the picture it has the full fenders. That was a huge plus and they do their job. They still will kick up dust and rocks on them along with them getting a little wet when we go through water, but just think what it would have been like if I did not have them. I could have chosen a bike that had the fenders that almost go to the ground but that would have cause other issues that I did not want to contend with.


The Felt Heritage also had the 7 speeds. This is one feature that I would not leave off of a bike if you plan on doing any hauling of kids, dogs, or anything. The 7 speeds really make it easy to maneuver through hills, busy streets. or weaving through a crowd. I don’t know how many times I have used those gears to make my every day time riding with the kids a breeze. Since we do ride quite a bit on dirt bike paths or the canals  the gears do get all dirty and grimy. With that if the internal hub is an option I would take it, that is of course the price for the internal does not scare you away.


With the curved handle bars that are positioned higher you get a better command of what the path is like ahead of you and you get to save your back. Not once have I gotten off of the Felt feeling even the slightest ache in my back. With the handle bars how they are you are also able to stand up and really give the bike some power pumps to get you and the kids moving. In doing the power pumps there is a drawback on the Felt and that is the front shock really “sucks up” your energy.


The last item that I will praise on the Felt Heritage is the seat. The seat is not overly ornate, but does come with the cool white piping to match the rest of the nostalgia of the bike. Looks are not the only thing that brings the seat to my memory. The comfortably of the seat is close to that on the high end luxury cars. It takes the bumps smoothly and effortlessly. With the little lip that the seat has it is very hard to slip or be bumped out of the seat. Your bum feels secure and comfy even for the long 15 mile rides.


After trying out the other bikes and then finally deciding on the Felt Heritage I know it was the perfect fit for my situation and the best bike for the all around cruise.

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