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Neil Watts

Rayovac Bright 2D Economy Pack Flashlight Review


Have you ever paid less than $2.50 for a flashlight?  We paid $5 for a pack of two and they were great!

These were great for the price.  They worked well and we didn’t have to pay a lot of money for the other, much fancier, flashlights.  The kids loved them and since they were so inexpensive, we could buy backups and not have to worry if they stopped working.

One of the best things about this purchase is that they came with batteries.  Very few companies do that anymore.  I really liked that I didn’t have to buy anything else to make them work.  I simply opened the package, put in the batteries and switched it on!

These flashlights were pretty strong and withstood a lot of abuse from everyone.  We didn’t try to purposely break them, but during camp they were dropped a few times, shaken, rolled, and stepped on and they withstood all of these tests.  Like I said before, because they were so cheap I didn’t have to worry if they broke or stopped working. 

The batteries they came with lasted a good while.  They operated through our three days of camp and then sat in the garage for a year and worked for another couple of days after that.  Pretty good for batteries that were included in the package!

The flashlights performed nicely.  They were easy to hold, even for the little ones.  They didn’t turn off unexpectedly.  The off/on switch was easy to move and the light beam was strong enough to see several feet ahead.

The kids liked the different colors and that was fun for them to be able to pick their favorite one.

The downside is that these flashlights are basic models without any frills.  Some people are looking for the simple flashlight that doesn’t offer any other functions, but I missed having some other options like beam adjustments or waterproofing.  But, these are things other flashlights have at a higher price.

These were great for the price.  They did a good job.  So nice to have for us and the kids without having to worry about replacing them.


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