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Repel Insect Repellant Sportsmen Max Review


This is not the best that’s out there, but still a good product.

This repellent has many good, strong qualities.  First, it repelled insects just like it claims.  We received zero bites from mosquitos, ticks, ants, and other pests like them.  They steered clear and we were so grateful!

Applying the repellent was simple.  It comes as a spray so no mess with lotions or spillable oils.  The mist that came out of the top was fine and didn’t splatter.  With each spray, the mist covered a good amount of area. 

The smell was unlike most repellents in that it was somewhat pleasant.  It had a hint of citrus even though it was hardly noticeable in the first place.

The liquid was clear and not at all oily.  This was great because there were not stains on our clothes when we were done using it.  It did not irritate our skin nor did it cause any rashes or itchiness.  This was a huge plus because I know the kids would have had a difficult time wearing it had it bothered them in such a way.

It lasted a good while as it claims on the packaging.  Eight hours is what the company says it will last and we found that to be true.  The bottle is small but it has enough repellent in it to provide many uses.

The one downside is that it uses Deet.  In case you don’t know, Deet is a chemical made for the army decades ago.  It is the main repellent and is found many different bug repellent products.  I personally don’t like putting chemicals on my skin, but in dire need, I think this one was ok.  I always prefer natural products over Deet; however, I am still happy with its performance and protection it provided during our trip. 

The usage of Deet in its formula is the main reason why I docked points from its rating.  Even though it is a good product, with good usability, and endurance, I still would love it even more if it came with natural protection agents.

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