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My recent holiday celebration of the New Year featured Phantom Fireworks and many of their super festive, loud banging, and colorful celebratory products.  Phantom Fireworks are prevalent in our area and are easy to find.  Even in the last hours before the midnight deadline, they were available for purchasing and many of their locations have prevalent parking.  Even though they make the process of buying the fireworks easy, the real grade for Phantom will be their product variety and satisfaction in entertainment.

   Phantom Fireworks had a fantastic variety to choose from.  All from the 500 gram repeaters, reloadable mortars, aerials, finale packs, and even roman candles.  Not all of these will be legal in your area so do check your local laws and make sure it is allowed.  Just in the 500 gram section, they dealer offered over 20 different options.  And there are over 50 offered online so if you can plan early, they are ready for purchase online. I also bought several of the aerial packs and some finale packs.  First, the 500 gram repeaters were well worth the show!  Some were loud, others had a lot of color.  While some had both!  It is best to ask your local dealer about the qualities of each repeaters. They can guide you to the right product. As I said before, we bought several of these.  At first, I lit them off individually, but then I started to light several at a time and that was a great show.  Since each box is different, I was able to entertain my friends and family with fountains, loud bursts, crackling, and colorful sprays all at one time.  Each box lasts several minutes and they are so fun to watch … even our neighbors came out to see!  Since these tend to be more exciting than the smaller packs, I recommend setting  these off after the smaller packs, which might seem dull if done after the 500s. The Finale packs were awesome too! Similar to the 500s, we set them off all at the same time and were loved how they ended our night of fireworks. Phantom did a great job of ordering the crackers so that they provided a fantastic show on a small-scale neighborhood street.

   As far as Phantom’s firework reliability is concerned, I feel that every year I always have a couple of products fail to ignite correctly. For this year, we purchased over 50 fireworks and 2 of them were bad.  In my experience, that is average. It’s always disappointing when that happens but it does happen.

   Phantom Fireworks is a great way for consumers to get reliable and great quality fireworks for any celebratory event. No doubt they will continue to invent fun and new crackers every year to help us keep our parties exciting!

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