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Adams Tag a Long Review



Our children love to find that they are growing and enjoy challenging themselves, so we were not surprised when our oldest wanted to leave the bike trailer and have his own way of riding with us.  In no way were we ready to have him ride next to us so we searched for a compromise.  We looked for a way where he could ride with us, but not on his own bike where we would feel worried.

This tag a long came up in our search and the great reviews convinced us that it was the perfect solution. 

Every ride with this tag a long bike has been a blast.  It was easy to attach to the bike once we installed the bracket.  The kids love it. It looks like a lot of fun as many passing cars and pedestrians smile and comment on the one-wheeled bike that is attached to mine.  But even though it turns many heads, my kids love that they can pedal with us.  They also love that they don’t have to pedal if they don’t want to, but riding can be much easier with the passengers helping especially when going uphill.  I really like that I have my child right behind me so I know he is safe.

In the few times he has jumped off at traffic lights, he has no problem getting back on the bike.  He can do it without difficulty and rather quickly as needed in high traffic areas.  He was fairly young, by the way, when he began riding it.  I think this could suit many different age ranges.

I was very disappointed on our first ride with this new unit because I went over a curb and then I heard a loud clang.  Sure enough, the trailer bar to the rider behind me hit the back of my fender.  My teeth clenched at the sound and upon looking at the paint damage, it wasn’t bad; however, be aware that this can happen with this particular tag a long.  I must admit that I am riding a larger cruiser bike so the fenders having a taller clearance than most bikes.  This unit does a pretty good job of not hitting the bike if it happens to be a cruiser, but sometimes they collide anyway.

It has lasted us a couple of years with no apparent damage, wear, or breaking.  It’s a great medium between trailer and independent rider.  We love our long bike rides and having this tag a long gives our family a lot of flexibility in how we can ride from one destination to the other.  We love this unit and how it has performed for us.

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