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Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case Review




This Shock Doctor Mouth guard Microbial Case is very nice and priced right. They thought of everything for just a simple mouth piece case. The clip is great so you don’t have to go looking around for your mouth piece. Just clip anywhere on your bag. Its also has a drip hole/ ventilation so any spit left on your mouth piece can drip out and dry out the piece as well. It works with any strapped or strapless Shock Doctor mouth guard.

It is not dishwasher safe, but does not take long at all to rinse out with some mild soap and warm water. 

At only $8.00 I very highly recommend this to any person needing to wear a mouth guard or even dental retainer. It comes in a variety of colors to match you personal style or team colors. Also, if you purchase on you can get it shipped immediate with one day shipping.



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