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Zuca Sport Bag Review


The Zuca bag is a popular sporting bag because of its steel encasement, multi compartment arrangement, and rolling ability.  The metal frame for the bag is very sturdy but also lightweight.  

One of the best aspects of this bag is that the metal frame supports a substantial amount of weight, allowing us to use it as a chair at sporting events.  That is very convenient especially if you are at the event for an extended period of time.  The frame is also well coated with paint. I know this because it has hit walls, poles, and curbs a number of times and it doesn’t show the damage.  

The numerous compartments allow for easy organization and make it easy for us to find what we need, especially for small items like hair-pins or glasses.  There are two mesh compartments on either side on the outside of the bag.  The outside also has larger zippers pocket and smaller zipper pockets.  That’s a total of six pockets just on the outside of the bag.  On the interior of the bag, there’s a mesh compartment on top, then three Velcro pockets on the door. 

It is also equipped with two stacked wheels on each side for rolling up curbs and stairs.  One of my favorite aspects for the Zuca bag is the customizing opportunities provided on their website.   I was able to choose the frame in any color, then the fabric insert from a vast assortment they had.  We have had this bag for two years and it has held up really well.  Even though it travels with us five days a week, it still looks brand new.

Through other reviews we learned that the telescopic handle breaks easily so we make sure to use it carefully.   We haven't had any problems with it.

Although this is a sporting bag for us it would also be a great study bag.  Not necessarily for school because of the frame, but it acts like a portable locker when going to study groups, the library, or other places when toting papers and books is necessary.

I see the downside in this bag to be the longevity.  As kids get older in certain sports, like figure skating, they tend to collect more equipment, which this would not accommodate.

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