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Sea World-Penguin Encounter Review


Oh Man who doesn’t love this place.  To be honest I think I enjoy it more than my kids do. I don’t really care for the shows. That is just me…..I am not one for crowds. I would rather go to one of the gawking/ feeding/touching places (like the feed the Sting Rays or Dolphins).


This time we did one of their tours that they offer.  We did the Penguin Encounter (I think it is called the Penguin Experience now). That was AWESOME!!!!! You get to go in the back and see them animals close up!!!


You go behind the glass (that they have for the common folk). I do have to say, I was surprised at the smell these creatures can create.


We were also lucky enough to get to meet a Chin Strap Penguin up close and personal.


Anytime we do the park again I am going to book a tour.  They are amazing!!!! The tours range between $11 and $38.  The VIP tours are a bit more….but I personally would do any of them a million times over.

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