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Sea World Save A Species Review


On a recent trip to one of my favorite places, Sea World, we decided to do one of the tours. I am so glad that we did. There tours are amazing.


The one we did was the “Saving A Species Tour”.  My son LOVED it!  He got to touch a baby lemon shark.  At first he was a bit freaked out, but eventually sucked it up and did it; he will remember that for the rest of his life.  He still starts a conversation with “Guess what... I got to pet a baby lemon shark!”.


My daughter even got to feed some endangered sea turtles…so cool.


We got to go behind the scene and see how the food is prepared for some of the animals, what they do if there is an oil spill (how they are prepared to take on anything and everything the ocean/marine life has to toss at them).


While traveling from the sharks to the turtles we got to see them take the flamingos for a “walk”. The kids and I thought it was hilarious. Comparing how the handlers tried to keep control of the flamingos and how we try to keep control of our dogs when we walk them.


They try to sneak in educational stuff…but honestly I don’t think anyone was paying much attention. I can’t blame them, between petting sharks, feeding turtles and watching out for flamingos who has time to learn.


At around $20 per person it is worth every penny. Plus a portion of the proceeds go to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which supports on-going research, conservation and endangered species rescue efforts.



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