This was so nice for my car. It did a fantastic job!  This is an A+ review for this product!  Read more to see why!

First, it was phenomenal for the price.  I paid a whopping $38 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  That’s it!  A hard shell cover would have easily cost in the hundreds of dollars.  Granted, this probably won’t last as long but it did such a nice job for us that I would buy it again if I needed to.

I travelled four hours to and four hours back on our trip.  After I unloaded I inspected the carrier to see what wear and tear it began to show.  I found nothing!  Not one single spot of wind fray, deteriorating fabric or any discoloration.  It held up very well and I was so impressed by that.  Especially because I loaded it to the max.

The design of the carrier has been done very well.  It has straps on all sides keeping the cargo safe and stable.  The straps are oversized and easy to utilize.  The latches on the straps are thick and well made.  They are similar to other designs on how to snap and unsnap them.  It also has a zipper that attaches the top and bottom pieces of the carrier, but it is placed underneath the top so that water can’t sneak inside the unit.  The zipper is thick and strong and won’t come undone easily.

One of my favorite attributes for this cargo carrier is that when I got home I simply folded it up and stowed it away in a safe place in the garage.  A hard shell carrier would undoubtedly take up way more space and its awkward shape would make it more difficult to house.  Instead, this soft and foldable option is much better.

This is a great buy!  It performed to a T and I am really glad that I found this product.  I will use it as much as I can in the future because I know it will last and keep everything safe.