When I was on the look for a new truck bed cover for my Toyota Tacoma, this oEdRo cover caught my eye. I purchased this off of amazon for around the $250 mark, a very good deal for a bed cover in my opinion.  With this price point, I thought I would be sacrificing on quality, however this cover is very sturdy. I’ve been using this for about 3 years now, and its still fully intact and works amazing. I thought at first I would not be a fan of the soft top, however it has turned to be very convenient. Flipping the first two panels up is very easy, leaving 2/3 of the bed open for use. The last panel is fully secured after installation, so removing the cover fully is a chore.

Overall if you are looking for a new truck bed cover that can be flipped up for easy access, all at a good deal, I highly recommend this cover. Even if you do not own a Tacoma, oEdRo does carry covers for many different models, there most popular being their F-150 cover.