A recent birthday gift prompted me to buy a guitar for my friend who wanted to begin lessons. For somone who doesn’t play, I was assisted by a gentelman in a music store who was able to help me sift through the myriad of options for a beginning guitar player.  At the base of it, an entry level guitar needs to be comfortable for the player, have a warm, whole sound, and it needs to be affordable.  The Breedlove Pursuit Concert guitar series fit the bill.  At around $500 it was a middle range price tag compared to the options in the store.The store clerk played a variety of guitars for me to hear the differences between each one.  The Breedlove was the one to stand out the most as it was very warm and enveloping when played in the room we were in.  Some of the guitars had a brassy sound, while others were more mellow and passive.  It was easy to imagine my friend with this guitar when he played it.

After it was gifted, I followed up with the recipient to get a review on its performace, comfortablility and materials.  With its performance, she said it has a very traditional guitar sound.  Some would describe it to have an “earthy” tone.  It also does really well at note projection and clarity of notes.  She also said the guitar is very comfortable for her size, she is quite petite in size and at only 5′ tall. At first glance, the guitar looked like it would have been too large but she insists it is very appropriate for her body shape.  Lastly, the guitar features a single piece body, which means the assembly of the top did not involve glueing several pieces together to make one large piece.  It is cedar wood on top, and a laminated mahogany for the sides and bottom. Its very well put together and is known in the industry as a high quality guitar.