A few months ago my coffee machine decided it just didn’t want to work anymore. What a fantastic thing to find out when you wake up. So off to the store to replace that sucker I went. I was wanted to get a standard coffee machine, then I saw the Cuisinart Single Brew System and all the varieties it had to offer.  It works with the Keurig K-cups. And has over 200 varieties of beverages to choose from. Everything from coffee (of course) to teas, to apple cider, to hot chocolate. Perfect!

There are 5 different cup sizes to choose from (from 4 oz-12oz) including an iced beverage setting.  The Cuisinart single brew system has a rinse control program to help instantly clean the inside of the chamber, keeping every cup as good as the last.  When I first used this I was surprised at how quietly it brewed and the extra large (removable) water reservoir is a huge plus.

Another thing I liked was the 3-year (limited) warranty it comes with. We have very hard water here and it seems to eat up all our appliances so warranties are a huge selling point in my book. There is something called My K-Cup that is included with the system. It is a reusable coffee filter that you can fill with your favorite ground coffee. Also, it stores neatly way into the side of the unit.  All parts that come in contact with the water are BPA free.

Only dislike here was that it said that the removable drip tray allowed for extra space for travel cups. Not so in our case. All my travel mugs were much to tall for it. But I managed to work around it and I am still in love with it.